My work begins in concept creation, and transforms through visual design and UX iterations. I aim to see with big-picture perspective so that a whole product’s core story (purpose) stays alive through this process. I enjoy making products that have a positive impact on our lives.


What I do:

I’m a Product Designer that works with a visual and conceptual lens. I craft stories in my work. I edit down complex topics so that people can understand.

This work started with a BFA in Graphic Design and BS in Photography. It grew with experience and desire to create positive outcomes for people.

My History:

I’ve worked on both coasts of the States, and now in Europe. I’ve been a part of small and large teams. And I’ve helped small and giant brands from Microsoft to Levi’s. I worked as a freelancer at Frog Design, and in-house at Philips. Later a Dutch product-invention lab poached me to join their team as Principal Product Designer.

My thirst for challenge led me from Portland to Amsterdam (though the theme of bicycles and coffee remains the same).

My Values:

This is what I bring to my work. It’s what makes me see differently, and bring something new to every project I’m on.

Check it out here, or go straight into seeing the results.



These are brands I’ve worked with