Product Design through UX & Visual Design is my expertise. I handcraft product experiences to enable better relationships between people and technology. Designs range from mobile apps to toys for kids.With 10 years of freelance experience, I’ve enjoyed working with very diverse groups.


Product Designer

Nate Grubbs - collaboration

Handcrafting product experiences to enable better relationships between people and technology.

Handcrafting product design experiences to enable better relationships between people and technology.


Product Design through UX & Visual Design is my expertise.
Three words describe my approach to my work:



I conceive and filter ideas to create the perfect product / service. Doing so uses:

  • Design thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Big-picture perspective
  • Strategic thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Tech Philosophy


I design with a human-centered approach for positive outcomes for businesses and the people they serve. My soft skills include:

  • Empathy
  • Listening & filtering
  • Hospitable personality
  • Coaching style leadership
  • Lightness & humor


I use a diverse set of design skills for creating elegant digital / physical experiences. Deliverables include:


What is Product Design?

Product Design is no longer only about creating physical items. It now includes experiences and services like apps, websites, or interactive environments. There are three things I do in my expertise: design what the product/service does, how it looks, and how people experience it.


My Focus and Values:

I work with a visual and conceptual lens. Helping people see the big picture is my passion. This includes crafting stories, shaping and editing down complex topics to bring clarity and understanding.

Technology shouldn’t distract or fragment our lives and conversations. I create product experiences that address short-term needs, while engaging a future we wish to live in.

My Values are what I bring to my work. They help me see differently and contribute something meaningful to every project. View My Values, or go straight to seeing My Work.


My History:

I’ve worked on both coasts of the US and currently in Europe. I’ve been a part of small and large teams working with a wide range of local and large international brands. As a freelancer I worked at Frog Design and in-house at Philips.

A thirst for challenge led me from Charlotte to Portland to Amsterdam, also fueling my love for bicycles, good coffee and photography.



These are brands I’ve worked with