Product Design through UX & Visual Design is my expertise. I handcraft experiences to enable thoughtful interactions with technology. During 10 years of freelance work, I’ve thrived by working with diverse groups and people.


Product & Visual Designer

Nate Grubbs - collaboration

Designing to enable thoughtful interactions with technology.

Designing to enable thoughtful interactions with technology.


I am a freelance multidisciplinary designer with unicorn traits. Story-crafting is a huge part of my toolkit in creating engaging experiences. It’s achieved through intuition and editing for clarity.

I design to address current needs while being mindful of a future we wish to live — not in a Black Mirror. I create with a holistic vision, always working to fit pieces together.

Crafting Story


However you feel about a multidisciplinary designers, my long freelance experience has led me to be flexible in the hats I wear.

But one thing is always certain: my clients use me to help craft experiences + stories that engage their audience.

Product Design Works

Product & UX Design

The End-to-End Solution

Product Design is not just physical products. I approach it as a holistic way of thinking about the experience of interactive products or services. It’s my long-term focus as a designer — from permanent positions to freelance assignments with longer timelines.

Visual Design Works

Visual Design

Meeting specific needs

Visual Design is my go-to foundation as a freelancer. My work revolves around simplicity and clarity. As the world gets more distracted, I design empathetic interactions for meaningful experiences. The projects I’m on can often include animation and motion design.



Product Design through UX & Visual Design is my expertise.
Three words describe my approach to my work:



I conceive and filter ideas to create the perfect product / service. Doing so uses:

  • Design thinking
  • Storytelling
  • Big-picture perspective
  • Strategic thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Tech Philosophy


I design with a human-centered approach for positive outcomes for businesses and the people they serve. My soft skills include:

  • Empathy
  • Listening & filtering
  • Hospitable personality
  • Coaching style leadership
  • Lightness & humor


I use a diverse set of design skills for creating elegant digital / physical experiences. Deliverables include:


My Values:

Technology shouldn’t distract or fragment our lives and conversations. I design to engage people for #TimeWellSpent through well-being and tech ethics.

My Values influence everything. They help me see differently and contribute something meaningful to every project. View My Values.


My Focus:

I work with a visual and conceptual lens, and helping people see a bigger picture is my passion. People engage ideas with clear stories, and so much of my work is shaping and editing complex pieces.


My History:

I’ve worked on both coasts of the US and currently in Europe. I’ve been a part of small and large teams working with a wide range of local and large international brands. As a freelancer I worked at Frog Design and in-house at Philips.

A thirst for challenge led me from Charlotte to Portland to Amsterdam, also fueling my love for bicycles, good coffee and photography.



These are brands I’ve worked with