Albert Heijn Self-Checkout

Making a Better Self-Checkout Experience

Magic in the Details


Holland’s largest grocer, Albert Heijn needed an update to their self check-out machines. A colleague and I at Handmade were put to task to design the best experience we could. The overall goal was to speed up the check-out experience, and make it as simple as possible. The target was full check-out in less than 30 seconds for the average shopper. We looked at every detail, down to printing the receipt, making even that smooth and fun.

The task was only the on-screen interface, but Handmade prides itself with going above and beyond. We thought not only could the interface be updated but the machines themselves. We took “paper prototyping” full-size and built our own machines with cardboard. The next step is to see Albert Heijn implement this stage of our designs.



Albert Heijn: Self-Checkout

Principal Product Designer

Concept and Visual Design, UX, Paper Prototyping, Video Production

Sketching for a Better Experience

Glimpses from my notebook on ideas to improve the self-checkout machine itself.

Paper Prototyping

Casper (my colleague) and I are forces to be reckoned with when it comes to cardboard and a hot-glue gun.

Final User Interface

For the visual design, we focused on clarity and hierarchy of the interface. Living in Amsterdam, we know a lot of people who don’t speak Dutch. So we wanted the interface to work easily enough so one wouldn’t have to change the language (even though that’s an option).

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