Finding Hidden Places




The story of Atlantis comes from the works of Plato. At the end of the story, the island of Atlantis falls out of favor with the gods and submerges into the ocean. The term “Atlantis” has come to represent lost civilizations in the world. There also has been much speculation of the real geographical inspiration of Plato’s story. Many have come to see the Greek island of Santorini or Thera as that place, because of a massive volcanic eruption that happened around 1600 BCE. The volcano devastated the island and the Minoan civilization living there at the time. As it is now, Santorini is definitely not a lost island. It is a popular spot with tourists for the beautiful sunsets. Yet when I photographed the island, I was more interested in looking for those mythical characteristic of Atlantis. I wanted to find the hidden places of the island. This was my archeological exploration.

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