“Dream Sequences”



I started taking most of these film photographs in the early 2000s. While in university, I purchased an original Diana Camera, a camera made in the early 1960s as a cheap toy camera. And with it, I began experimenting with photographing in a much less precise way. With the camera, infamous for light leaks and other mishaps, I never knew what I would get from the film. What did happen was that I stumbled upon a magical quality you can’t fake very well in Photoshop.

What attracted me to the camera was the unknown aspect of how the pictures would look, or if anything would come out. All of this started to remind me of sleep dreams. Often, we wake from dreams and can’t remember what we were dreaming, or even if we were. And when we do remember them, they are vague and cloudy images. For me, I often deal much more with cloudy and vague visions of a future, than one that is precise and methodical. I can’t expect to know this information, or hold myself back because I can’t see into the future. I have to make something of what is before me. I know the mood and the feeling of where I’m going, but often it’s seen through cloudy glass.

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