Intel Xeon Processors


With Liquid, I created this animated piece, showing the capabilities of Intel Xeon processors. Traditionally, high tech sales websites contain dry lists of specs and performance charts. So I experimented in a different route, and gave the site the feel of a pop-up book. Pages would curl over, and information would flip up.

To add to the feeling, we brought in comic book artist, Val Mayerik (co-creator of Howard the Duck) to illustrate the pages. The client later hesitated on the illustrations, and asked us to replace it all with stock photography. This was a moment of decision we all face in client feedback. I started making the switch, until my heart wouldn’t let me go on (it’s a pop-up book for god’s sake). So I pushed back on the team and client. In doing so, everyone agreed, and the piece was genuinely more fun because of that.

Liquid Agency

Portland, Oregon

Sales website for Intel Xeon

Interactive Visual Design & Art Direction


Microsoft Silverlight Identity

SCIENCE MEETS ART beauty found within the chaos CONCEPTUAL INTUITION   I learned from this Silverlight project to bring your own personal interests to the table. They can often resonate with others. It can be an urge to function reactively and stick to what we've done before. Yet if we move past copying trends, great

KIN phone

Microsoft KIN Phone

MICROSOFT KIN Microsoft has been a big client of Razorfish (even an owner of Razorfish at one point). In several years of working with Razorfish, I worked with Microsoft across many diverse projects. One of those projects was KIN, a Windows Phone, launched in late spring of 2010. Working with the Razorfish team, we helped

motion graphics

Motion Graphics Showcase Reel

LEAD THE EXPERIENCE BY USING MOTION GRAPHICS TO PROVIDE DIRECTION & CLARITY Motion Graphics SHOWCASE REEL   This reel represents motion graphics and animation pieces I've done on a wide range of projects. I primarily create videos in a 2D environment (such as After Effects). I also work in design motion for user interfaces. Projects (in


“Portraits of Conversation”

PORTRAITS OF CONVERSATIONS   When I approach a portraiture, I work as simply as possible. I want the photograph to be a part of a natural conversation I have with the model. The photograph is a document of this conversation. In doing so I don't like telling the model what to do too much. I



PRACTICE RESURRECTION Years ago, some friends of mine and their band "Metal" had put out album of ambient music tracks. I was inspired by the sounds they produced, and so I started working on an idea for a video piece that could be projected behind their live performances. I made a simple animation of a tree,


“Dream Sequences”

DREAM SEQUENCES   I started taking most of these film photographs in the early 2000s. While in university, I purchased an original Diana Camera, a camera made in the early 1960s as a cheap toy camera. And with it, I began experimenting with photographing in a much less precise way. With the camera, infamous for light leaks

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