“Joseph’s Dream”

A Vision of Mary


Thought Process


Creativity often comes with some self-doubt. Even scientifically-speaking, creativity occurs when we learn to turn off the part of our brain that’s constantly self-monitoring our thought process. For me, it’s really one small step at a time. I like to begin my thought process on paper. I gather images that inspire, that give a mood, and I put them all together in a mood board. From there, I act in faith that something good is going to come of it all.



This short film, which I wrote, filmed, and edited, was a sort of Christmas story. Being a personal project, it didn’t “have to be made.” Even up to the final hours of postproduction, I had doubts of whether it would be any good, but I kept the course. I’ve found that you are responsible to your own creativity, otherwise she’ll leave you.

Joseph, a young man dreams he is in the forest, where his partner is asking him to go further into the woods, but he is reluctant.

Directed, shot and edit by Nate Grubbs

Actress: Colby Dunn
Music: Nils Frahm, “You” —from the album “Screws”
Poem: Wendell Berry – “The Country Of Marriage”

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