East African NGO

Working with Lahash International


My belief is that good organizations with minimal budgets still need great work. And much of my growing desire with these organizations is to not only provide great design, but organize their content (and their story) in such a way that others can be excited about their work as well.

Nonprofit work has always been a passion of mine. In 2006 and 2010, I traveled with a Portland-based nonprofit to photograph and film in South Sudan, Uganda & Tanzania. From there I reached out further to create a style guide for the organization, and providing design and the production of several projects.

Magazine covers





Design By Hand


“Hope is Alive” is a magazine produced by Lahash International. For this specific magazine cover, I used only rice and beans. The cover was not Photoshopped, and was a single photograph of “bean art” that was 6′ x 4′ in size (1.2 x 1.8 m). It consisted of 10 pounds / 4.5 kg of rice and beans on my studio floor. It’s nice to do “real” (non-digital) artwork from time to time



Portrait of Life


In these “Portrait of Life” segments, I want to show East African life with as little commentary as possible. Letting the images speak for themselves allows the people within them to share their own lives and hope without western statistics and preconceived notions. Life is hard in East Africa, but it is also joyous.

Dodoma, Tanzania

In Dodoma, Lahash partners with Grace and Healing Ministry to provide aid for vulnerable kids living in poverty, with a majority of the children directly affected or infected with HIV/AIDS.

Kampala, Uganda

KAMPALA HOUSE was formed by Sudanese-born Susan Tabia, when she opened her own home to care for children made vulnerable from the raging Sudanese civil war. Today there are an average of 15-20 children at the home.

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