Philips Smart TV

Animation Design


Over the course of eleven months, I worked directly with TP Vision (who manufactures smart televisions under the name of Philips) as the Animator / Motion Graphics Designer for their team. Using Adobe After Effects, my job was to create animated videos which would show how the user-interface of the television would function. I was given designs and schematics from the Visual and User Interface Designers, and was tasked with bringing these static designs to life by creating an entirely new animated language.

After completing the animations, the videos were passed along to the developers to direct the programming of the final television sets. Often when bringing the interface to life, I’d address new problems that were unforeseen in the creation process, in which I would work directly with the Visual Interface (VI) and User Experience (UX) teams to help find solutions.

Philips Television / TP Vision

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2015 Smart TV

Animation Designer

In 2014, Philips became the first European TV Brand to bring TVs powered by Android™ to the market, and so I worked with a knowledge of how Google’s OS worked. The videos I produced played a key role in promoting the Visual Design team’s concepts of the television. And these videos were used to promote Philips at the consumer-electronics trade show, IFA 2014, in Berlin.


My completed animations for the 2015 television

TV Artwork, including IFA 2014 in Berlin

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