Rony’s Story

Rony was born in Kenya but the election violence of 2007 forced him to flee his homeland. For eight years he’s been living as a refugee, first in Greece and now in the Netherlands. He experienced homelessness, exhaustion, and had lost vision for his life. Rony pursued political asylum, but his opportunities for a normal life in Europe are not possible.

After finding a local church, he began to get inspired. No longer relying merely on organizations and people fix his situation, he started to act in faith. He learned how to study, to manage a small business, to teach others, and to choose faith instead of fear.

And now? “It’s time to go back,” he says. “I am ready now to go home and build up in Kenya what God has built in me.” Through the process of registering to leave the country, the Dutch government has helped Rony train in diagnosing vision impairments. When he returns to Kenya in August 2015, he will be starting a business which provides eyeglasses to those living in villages far from the city. Rony has a great vision for the education for his neighbors.


About the Production:

I met Rony shortly after moving to Amsterdam, and quickly became friends with him. He asked me to help produce a film for him which he could use to fundraise. I told him to write down his story in 800 words or less. After which, I helped edit and rewrite his script to best fit the film. Rony then spent a day taking me places around Amsterdam which were important to his story — a good portion of it I filmed from my bicycle. Rony has since met his goal he expressed in the film, and will be heading back to Kenya in August of 2015. We will miss you here Rony!


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