“Self Portrait with Web”

Web Art Piece and Promotion



Put yourself into your work. That was my aim when creating a portfolio years back. This piece’s goal wasn’t just about showcasing work, it was about the art of the journey. When we think of films to music to viral campaigns, work that draws from personal experiences can be more moving.

On the surface, it was a simple portfolio. Yet it was done in the age of interactive experimentation. When clicking a paper stuck underneath, you’d peel back its wallpaper. I liked hearing stories of people remodeling homes and finding personal notes in the walls. So I hid my own personal artifacts and letters written to me within my virtual home.




In conceiving the piece, I wanted to create a website with an end: no more clicking, no more to see. So when people peeled back the wallpaper, pushed through the wallboards, the navigation was removed and the only thing left were images from “The Odyssey.” Afterwards, many people came to me, proudly telling me they had “reached the end” of my site, which I found a success.

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