“A Series of Trees”

A Series of Trees



I am fascinated by trees. They are sculptures from nature. And they can grow in the most peculiar of places. I think of their sense of balance that is imprinted within them. With each branch growing in one direction, another must grow as a counterbalance. When a strong wind blows off the sea, their shape adjusts. And each year the deciduous ones release their leaves in a sort of death, and yet come back to life each spring. There is so much depth to trees. I am fascinated.



The video above is a small mediative piece I made based on conversations at Dutch l’Abri in Eck en Wiel. The word “bewogen” (ba-vogue’n) means “to be moved” in Dutch.  After listening to hours of Arvo Pärt in the autumn rain, I thought about how even deep-rooted trees can move so freely. We were made to move and be moved.

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