VanMoof Bikes

The Connected Bicycle


At Handmade, a very small team of us came together to pitch some ideas to our local friends at VanMoof Bicycles. We chose to pitch to VanMoof because they are on the cutting edge of cycling tech and style trends. Our work focused on themes of safety, security, style and convenience. After just a couple weeks, we invited the VanMoof team over to the Handmade office to start a conversation of how we could help.



Product Ideas for VanMoof Bicycles

Principal Product Designer

Concept Design, Visual Design

Final Concepts


Handlebar Display — With just a few LEDs, show valuable information like risky intersections or turn-by-turn navigation.

Adaptive Signaling — Your bike detects bad driving and reacts with defensive lighting.


Brains in a Bell — Detachable smart assistant displays weather reports, location-based reminders, fitness goals, and more.

Bike Doctor — Bike trouble on your commute in the city? Leave your bike and have a mechanic come fix it.

Smart Style

Biking Gloves — With simple gestures these gloves can perform programmable actions.

Initial Sketches

Conversation Starter

After coming up with the ideas, we invited the VanMoof team to our offices to start a conversation.

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