The Nate Grubbs Lens Collection


Over the years, I’ve realized there are values that shape me and my work. These are my lenses (skills) that bring my work into focus.

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My best work comes from asking open questions. I design to connect people through positive experiences. This is my fuel to be impactful.

Project: Next Generation Play


Stepping back allows me to see the big picture. Backcasting is a tool which helps me clarify with my team what success looks like. This requires me to confide in my instincts.

Project: Microsoft Silverlight


My process is to constantly trim the information given. Simplicity is the chisel for understanding.

Project: Albert Heijn


I craft stories to inspire. For my team, I use story to help us understand our goal. For that goal to connect with our audience, we need to tell a great story.

Project: Philips Heart Health


I like to laugh and make others laugh. I remind myself to do something stupid every now and then. If I can hold my seriousness lightly, new opportunities come to me.

Project: Campfire Cologne


My aim is to always make something great. I think that’s something that lasts longer than I’ll live to see. I invest myself into my work. My best accomplishments are a byproduct of my love.

Project: Library of Congress



These are the three words that describe me and my approach to my work. I believe progress is made by stepping back to see the big-picture. And with empathy as a starting point in design, we can create resonating experiences for people. I love crafting stories that inspire change.


What is Product Design by the way?

In the not-so-distant past, we thought of “Product Design” as the creation of a physical object (like the product you are using now to read this). Yet in our current digital age, products have evolved to include experiences, like an app, website, or interactive scenarios.

As a Product Designer, I’m focused not only on how that product looks, but also how it is felt and experienced. In our current era of digital privacy scandals and unclarity, we’re entering an time when designers must take responsibility for the impact of their work. To design a great experience, we must keep you in mind — people who’s lives interact with technology. 


And of course, I got into this business because of beautiful things. I treasure the surprise of finding them. That mystery is a creative force of inspiration.

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