The Nate Grubbs Lens Collection


Over the years, certain values have shaped me and my work. These are my lenses that bring my work into focus.

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I design to connect people. I start by asking questions about WHY. These insights create real energy and targeted engagement.

Project: Next Generation Play


I craft stories to inspire. Through stories we understand our own journeys. Telling a good one invites others to be moved and take part.

Project: Philips Heart Health


I step back to see the big picture to identify what success could look like. Tapping into my intuition helps me look beyond the rational and venture into new territory.

Project: Microsoft Silverlight


Editing is a process that lets the gems of a story breathe. Like a sculptor’s chisel, I filter complex topics so people can see clearly and understand.

Project: Albert Heijn


I bring humor and laughter to my work. A little playfulness helps build connections and creates space to see new opportunities.

Project: Campfire Cologne



These are the three words that describe me and my approach to my work. I believe progress is made by stepping back to see the big-picture. And with empathy as a starting point in design, we can create resonating experiences for people. I love crafting stories that inspire change.


What is Product Design by the way?

In the not-so-distant past, we thought of “Product Design” as the creation of a physical object (like the product you are using now to read this). Yet in our current digital age, products have evolved to include experiences, like an app, website, or interactive scenarios.

As a Product Designer, I’m focused not only on how that product looks, but also how it is felt and experienced. In our current era of digital privacy scandals and unclarity, we’re entering an time when designers must take responsibility for the impact of their work. To design a great experience, we must keep you in mind — people who’s lives interact with technology. 


And of course, I got into this business because I treasure beauty. I love the surprise of discovering it and being part of creating it.

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