Design Portfolio

From Concept to Delivery


What’s the Difference?

My long freelance experience required me to be flexible and adaptable. Somewhere along the way, evolution caused me to develop some unicorn-like traits, in terms of the skills I picked up.

My long-term focus is Product & UX Design — from permanent positions to longer-term projects. My short-term assignments usually fall within my Visual Design foundation.

Crafting Story

What are you looking for?

Product Design Works

Product & UX Design

The End-to-End Solution

Product Design isn’t just about physical products. It’s a holistic view of what a product or service does, how it looks + how people experience it. Great product experiences meet people’s needs and intentions. It’s also my long-term focus as a designer.

Visual Design Works

Visual Design

Meeting specific needs

Visual Design is the foundation of my work when freelancing. It’s structured around simplicity and clarity. And as the world gets more distracting, I design for meaningful engagements. The projects I’m on can often include animation and motion design.


Winter Gardens



Everything I do as a creative individual is connected. Creativity doesn’t end in the office. My commercial and personal visions influence each other. Having an outlet for my art sharpens all of my design skills.

My Values

Certain values have shaped me and my work. These are my lenses that bring my work into focus. They help me see differently and contribute something meaningful to every project.

Nate Grubbs Values Book